iPhone 12 Giveaway

iPhone 12 Promotional Offer

If you complete on a qualifying Bridging Loan with MFS, once the loan has been successfully drawn down, you will receive the brand new iPhone 12.*

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Terms and Conditions

*This offer is only applicable to new Bridging Loan enquiries as of 26/10/20. Specific exceptions apply. Apple is not a participant in, or sponsor of this promotion. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc. The total value of the single loan must be equal to, or in excess of £400,000 (Gross Loan Amount). There is no limit on number of transactions within this promotion. Offer applicable to borrowers, however if a broker or intermediary is used, they will also receive the promotion. This promotional offer will expire 31/03/2021. Specifications: iPhone 12, 64GB - They will not be attached to a network. Market Financial Solutions hold the right to withdraw this offer at anytime.